Question: Will There Be A 4th Mummy Movie?

Did they remake the mummy?

There’s nothing inherently wrong with remaking The Mummy; the 1999 film (itself a remake) is a lot of dumb fun, but just that..

How much money did the Mummy make 1999?

The Mummy was theatrically released on May 7, 1999 and grossed over $416.4 million worldwide against a production budget of $80 million.

Who is the actress in the mummy with Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise as Nick Morton, a U.S. Army sergeant. Sofia Boutella as Ahmanet, the title character. She is loosely based on Imhotep from the original Mummy films, as well as the ancient Egyptian goddess, Amunet. Annabelle Wallis as Jennifer “Jenny” Halsey, an archaeologist who has a past with Nick.

Who sexually assaulted Brendan?

Philip BerkIn a new interview with GQ, “The Mummy” star alleges that the HFPA’s Philip Berk assaulted him at the Beverly Hills Hotel in the summer of 2003. “His left hand reaches around, grabs my ass cheek, and one of his fingers touches me in the taint. And he starts moving it around,” the actor said.

Will there be another Mummy movie with Brendan Fraser?

Brendan Fraser Is Still Game For Another Mummy Movie In a recent interview, Brendan Fraser himself said he’d be game to do another Mummy movie. So long as this new film approaches the material with the right amount of fun, the man himself has said that he’d be ready to head off into the fray again.

Why did Rachel Weisz not do Mummy 3?

Rachel Weisz did not appear in this third installment of “The Mummy” films, and instead, her character, Evy, was played by Maria Bello. … According to director Rob Cohen, it was because Weisz refused to portray someone with a 21-year-old son. Weisz simply did not like the script enough to sign on.

Why did Brendan Fraser stop making movies?

It turns out, the reasons are complicated and manifold. Firstly, the actor was plagued by injuries from doing so much stunt work. He underwent numerous surgeries including a laminectomy, a lumbar that didn’t take and had to be done again, a partial knee replacement, and even repairs on his vocal cords.

What does Tom Cruise become at the end of the mummy?

But at the end of the movie, soldier of fortune Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) stabs himself with Set’s magical dagger, which then gives him the power of Set, i.e. the powers of the Mummy. … It’s Nick, and if Dark Universe moves forward and crosses over its characters, then Mummy Nick is going to have superpowers.

Was Billy Zane in the mummy?

Billy Zane was in The Mummy. ‘ But when another audience member popped up, telling the presenter he was wrong, it all became a little more akward. And a third took it even further and bet James $100 (£77) that Billy Zane was in fact not in the film.

Is Brendan Fraser single?

On 3-12-1968 Brendan Fraser was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. He made his 7 million dollar fortune with The Mummy trilogy, George of the Jungle, Crash & Gimme Shelter. The actor is currently single, his starsign is Sagittarius and he is now 52 years of age.

How did Brendan Fraser ruin his career?

B rendan Fraser has claimed he was blacklisted from Hollywood after an alleged sexual assault. The 49-year-old has come forward with accusations that his career took a hit after he was allegedly sexually assaulted by a top Hollywood executive.

Why did Brendan Fraser quit acting?

Talking about the aftermath during the aforementioned GQ profile, Fraser said he “became depressed” and that he wanted to “retreat”. On top of feeling “reclusive”, Brendan also began to wonder if the Hollywood Foreign Press Association had blacklisted him since he no longer was invited to events like the Golden Globes.

How old is Brendan Fraser now?

52 years (December 3, 1968)Brendan Fraser/Age

Does Evie die in The Mummy Returns?

Anck-su-namun arrives and kills Evelyn, escaping into the pyramid with Imhotep and Baltus. Rick pursues them. Inside the pyramid, Baltus puts on the bracelet and revives the army. Anubis takes Imhotep’s powers, wanting Imhotep to fight as a mortal.

Still, while the two films have totally different characters and settings, both movies seem to boast the same trope of modernity awakening a mummy. … This new movie may not have much connection to the 1999 version or the original 1932 film, but that’s so it can sow the seeds for an ambitious new series of movies.

Is the mummy 2017 a remake of The Mummy 1999?

Not a lot of people went to see Tom Cruise’s The Mummy reboot over the weekend. Unfortunately, that means some fans missed out on an Easter egg that links the film to the 1999 Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz version. … Well, it’s the Book of the Dead, the same book from the 1999 version of The Mummy.

How much is Brendan Fraser worth?

Brendan Fraser Net Worth and Salary: Brendan Fraser is an American-Canadian actor and producer who has a net worth of $20 million dollars.