Question: What Is The Word Ephemeral?

What is meant by ephemeral?

lasting a very short time; short-lived; transitory: the ephemeral joys of childhood.

lasting but one day: an ephemeral flower..

Can a person be ephemeral?

The term can still be applied to living things in a more poetic sense, denoting a lifespan of more than one day – a person’s life can be ephemeral, meaning not only that it was shorter than expected, but also left a relatively small impact on those around him.

What is the point of ephemeral art?

Ephemeral Art cannot be bought, sold or traded, and the sculpture merges back into the environment as its materials gradually degrade. It represents the ephemeral nature of all things, but brings moments of joy as the weather turns to winter.

How do you use the word ephemeral?

Ephemeral sentence examplesThe civic reaction was an example of the ephemeral nature of the public’s interest. … New words are constantly being coined, some will prove ephemeral, others are here to stay. … Concentrate on remembering the ephemeral moments which will be the most precious 20 years from now.More items…

What does ephemeral pleasures mean?

1 : lasting a very short time ephemeral pleasures. 2 : lasting one day only an ephemeral fever. ephemeral. Definition of ephemeral (Entry 2 of 2)

What is another word for Ethereal?

In this page you can discover 46 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for ethereal, like: divine, heavenly, exquisite, vapory, airy, spiritual, aerial, empyreal, aery, fragile and empyrean.

What does ephemeral nature mean?

Typically the term ephemeral is used to describe objects found in nature, although it can describe a wide range of things, including human artifacts intentionally made to last for only a temporary period, in order to increase their perceived aesthetic value.

What’s the opposite of ephemeral?

What is the opposite of ephemeral?extendedlengthylong-drawn-outinterminableendlesslingeringverboseeverlastingoverlongprolix23 more rows

What is ephemeral fashion?

Firstly, ephemeral means to last a short time, its temporary. As I did with futuristic fashion, i began exploring ephemeral fashion by typing the term into Google and seeing what visuals catch my eye.

What is the most likely meaning of ephemeral as it is used in this sentence?

If you describe something as ephemeral, you mean that it lasts only for a short time. He talked about the country’s ephemeral unity being shattered by the defeat. Collins!

What are ephemeral materials?

Refers to works that employ short-lived materials, a significant aspect of the practice of many modern and contemporary artists who reject more traditional media, such as oil paint, marble, and bronze, which were chosen for their ability to stand the test of time. READ MORE. Price range.

What is cursory look?

going rapidly over something, without noticing details; hasty; superficial: a cursory glance at a newspaper article.

What is the synonym of ephemeral?

1’fashions are ephemeral’ SYNONYMS. transitory, transient, fleeting, passing, short-lived, momentary, brief, short, cursory, temporary, impermanent, short-term. fading, evanescent, fugitive, fly-by-night.

How do you use enthralling in a sentence?

Enthralling sentence examplesThe idea she might really be of interest to someone as enthralling and terrifying as Xander was almost too good to be true. … None the less; this is a truly enthralling piece of work. … Tag Heuer presents an enthralling combination of strength and seduction.More items…

What is non ephemeral?

As adjectives the difference between ephemeral and nonephemeral. is that ephemeral is lasting for a short period of time while nonephemeral is not ephemeral.