Quick Answer: Can You Render On Top Of Old Render?

Do you have to remove old render?

If it is aged and worn out, it will need removing and/or replacing.

For dried out render you will need to use more traditional tools to take it off.

You can scrape the render off a surface with a chisel and hammer.

You can also use specialist cutting equipment and machines if you have access to them..

Can you render over a painted surface?

Backgrounds such as render covered with paint result in a weak interface which isn’t suitable for rendering directly onto. … You will need to first remove the paint before prepping the surface and finally applying the new render. Alternatively, you may wish to apply a decorative finish, instead.

Can I remove the render from my house?

hi, to remove external render – if your careful you can use a hammer and chissel to take the render of or buy a cheep sds hammer drill to chissel it of. once all is knock of you can get it sand/ grit blasted to get the last few mil of render of this will clean the bricks up and look great.

Will re rendering stop damp?

Damp can also be caused by rainwater leaking in through cracks in the brickwork. This penetrating damp (as opposed to rising damp, which can be much harder to treat), rendering your external walls can be a great fix – as long as you dry the wall out first.

Can you skim over external render?

A question we are often asked is, can you skim over external render? The answer is yes, providing the surface is sound and clean. To prevent your external render cracking, an alkali-resistant fibre glass mesh can be embedded into your scratch coat.

Can you render on top of pebble dash?

Rendering the wall If the home owner wants to completely get rid of the pebbledash, it can be rendered. This can be with a coloured render, which saves on repainting, or sand and cement render, which will need painting once it’s on the house.

Can you K Rend over existing render?

You can apply K-rend onto unpainted surfaces. However, if the original render is painted, then the paint MUST either be removed or a barrier created by means of a breathable membrane interface. K-rend should NOT be applied directly to the surface of paint which is susceptible to flecking.

Does K Rend crack?

As our K Rend renders provide the aesthetic finish to a structure, cracks in the building can appear on the finished surface.

Do you need a scratch coat when rendering?

Apply the render with a steel plastering trowel using a firm hand to press and ensure it sticks to the damp wall. The first coat of render should be a very thin coat of about 5mm thick. … There is no need to scratch right down to the original wall surface, just deep enough to provide a key for the second coat.

What type of render is best?

Cement renders are some of the most durable types of renders available. Stronger than a lime render, this sealed or painted render can provide additional support to a building when applied. It helps prevent the penetration of dampness or water through exterior walls.

How long does render last on a house?

Render will last a long time – the design life is around 30 years, and our partners Be Constructive will guarantee your render for 25 years. In reality, it should last even longer. There are plenty of rendered properties around the UK that have not needed work for 50 years or more.

Does rendering add value?

Does Rendering Add Value to a Home? Homeowners are often led to believe that rendering adds more than its value to a home. In some cases, it can, but rendering is expensive and may not add as much value to your home as it costs to have your home rendered.

Is K Rend worth it?

“I have installed K-Rend, Weber and Parex and my preferred option is Weber! The extra money is definitely worth it as the product has better durability, no cracking, is breathable and waterproof as long as it’s installed correctly. basic maintenance the colour should last.

What can you render over?

There are many instances where you may decide to render over your existing surface….Most common surfaces that can be renderedBathroom tiles.Red brick.Clay brick.Blueboard.Painted besser block.New block.Split face block.Polystyrene.

Should you paint pebble dash?

Painting your house, if the walls have pebbledash is thankless, hard work, possibly dangerous, and the end result will look less than pleasing. In addition, doing it yourself can take weeks, especially if it is to be fitted around your career.

Can you remove pebble dash?

The first way of removing Pebbledash is, quite simply, to hack it off. The risk of taking this approach is that you can damage the brickwork underneath, and there is no guarantee that you will be left with a nice, smooth wall. … A third choice is to install external wall insulation over the top of the Pebbledash.

Is K render expensive?

K Rend – K rend is the UK’s largest independent coloured silicone render manufacturer. … It is more expensive than traditional render, but it does have more benefits than negatives. You can expect to pay £30-£70 per square metre for K Rend’s silicone render depending where you are in the country.

Can you power wash K Rend?

We recommend you clean your K Rend building annually. Where general staining occurs, a warm power wash with a suitable detergent can be used to clean up the K Rend finish.