Quick Answer: How Much Does It Cost For Flat Feet Surgery?

Is Flat Foot a disability?

What is Pes Planus.

Pes planus is a disability characterized by the arches of your feet flattening.

While the disability can be serious, it is typically painless..

How long does it take to recover from flat feet surgery?

In the case of flatfoot surgery recovery, you will likely face approximately 12 weeks to achieve permission for full weight-bearing activities. Looking at the events that unfold after the procedures is over, the first thing to note is that patients typically go home the day of the surgery.

Can flat feet be fixed with surgery?

Flatfoot reconstruction is a combination of surgical procedures that repair the foot’s ligaments and tendons and correct deformities of the bones to restore and support the arch. These adjustments can reduce pain and help the patient return to an active life.

Is it bad to have flat feet?

Why Flat Feet Are Bad for Your Health Flat feet are not as proficient at keeping the body stable as feet that have a normal arch. As a consequence, people with flat feet are at a higher risk of developing chronic muscle strain as the muscles of the body are forced to compensate for the foot’s lack of stability.