Quick Answer: What Is A Sentence For Colony?

What is a sentence for colonies?

Colonies sentence examples.

With Britain in the war, its colonies and dominions joined in as well.

Some Turkish colonies are also found in the south-eastern districts.

The ruler of Tri’trij has vacated his planet and lives on colonies outside the solar system..

What are the four types of colonies?

Therefore, all colonial properties were partitioned by royal charter into one of four types: proprietary, royal, joint stock, or covenant. King Charles II used the proprietary solution to reward allies and focus his own attention on Britain itself.

What is Colony culture?

The term cultural colonialism refers to the extension of colonial state power through cultural knowledge, activities, and institutions (particularly education and media) or the systematic subordination of one conceptual framework or cultural identity over others.

What was the first colony in the world?

Jamestown, VirginiaThe first colony was founded at Jamestown, Virginia, in 1607. Many of the people who settled in the New World came to escape religious persecution. The Pilgrims, founders of Plymouth, Massachusetts, arrived in 1620. In both Virginia and Massachusetts, the colonists flourished with some assistance from Native Americans.

Do any colonies exist today?

Today colonies are rare, but still exist as non-self-governing territories, as categorized by the United Nations. Examples include Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands, to name a few.

What is an example of a colony?

The definition of a colony is a group of people who create a settlement in a distant land but remain under the governmental control of their native country or a group of similar animals that live together. An example of a colony was Massachusetts under British rule during the 17th and 18th centuries.

What is a colony in your own words?

noun, plural col·o·nies. a group of people who leave their native country to form in a new land a settlement subject to, or connected with, the parent nation. the country or district settled or colonized: Many Western nations are former European colonies.

How many colonies are left?

Are there still any countries that have colonies? There are 61 colonies or territories in the world. Eight countries maintain them: Australia (6), Denmark (2), Netherlands (2), France (16), New Zealand (3), Norway (3), the United Kingdom (15), and the United States (14).

What is the best definition of a colony?

A colony is a group of people who settle in a new place but keep ties to their homeland. The people who founded the United States first came to America to live as part of a British colony.

What is a colony kid definition?

A colony is a group of people from one country who build a settlement in another territory, or land. They claim the new land for the original country, and the original country keeps some control over the colony. The settlement itself is also called a colony. The practice of setting up colonies is called colonialism.

What is meant by colony?

A colony is a territory under the immediate complete political control and occupied by settlers of a state, distinct from the home territory of the sovereign. For colonies in antiquity, city-states would often found their own colonies.

Is colony a bad word?

Much like imprison, in other words, colony can be used in different senses to describe different situations. … Some colonies are bad, the argument goes, so the use of colony is inherently bad. It’s similar to how the term biological sex is increasingly frowned upon in some lefty communities.

What’s the definition of cash crop?

any crop that is considered easily marketable, as wheat or cotton. a crop for direct sale in a market, as distinguished from a crop for use as livestock feed or for other purposes.

What is the difference between a colony and a settlement?

As nouns the difference between colony and settlement is that colony is a settlement of emigrants who move to a new place, but remain culturally tied to their original place of origin while settlement is the state of being settled.

How many is a colony?

Thirteen ColoniesThirteen Colonies1607–1776Flag of British America (1707–1775)The Thirteen Colonies (shown in red) in 1775StatusPart of British America (1607–1776)30 more rows