Question: What Age Is Matt Damon?

How much is Matt Damon worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, he is worth an estimated $150 million in 2020.

This is up from $130 million in 2019.

Meanwhile, Damon’s estimated net worth is $170 million..

What is Ben Affleck’s net worth?

Ben Affleck Net Worth: Ben Affleck is an American actor, screenwriter, producer, and director who has a net worth of $150 million.

Are Ben Affleck and Matt Damon friends?

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have one of the most famous friendships in Hollywood. The two became close long before they made it big as A-list actors, and they’ve managed to maintain their relationship for nearly 40 years.

What nationality is Matt Damon?

AmericanMatt Damon/NationalityMatt Damon, in full Matthew Paige Damon, (born October 8, 1970, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.), American actor, screenwriter, and producer who was noted for his clean-cut good looks and intelligent performances. He won an Academy Award for best original screenplay for Good Will Hunting (1997).

What age was Matt Damon in Bourne Identity?

30Matt Damon was 30 in The Bourne Identity when he played the character ‘Jason Bourne’. That was over 18 years ago in 2002.

What is Matt Damon?

Matt Damon is an award-winning actor who is known for his role in the ‘Jason Bourne’ films as well as ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley,’ ‘Behind the Candelabra’ and ‘The Martian.