Quick Answer: What Is Invade In ML?

What does the word invade mean?

to enter forcefully as an enemy; go into with hostile intent: Germany invaded Poland in 1939.

to enter like an enemy: Locusts invaded the fields.

to enter and affect injuriously or destructively, as disease: viruses that invade the bloodstream.

to intrude upon: to invade the privacy of a family..

What does delighted mean?

1 obsolete : delightful. 2 : highly pleased was delighted to see her friend.

What is Username in mobile legends?

You can find your user ID in your Mobile Legends game profile. Open the game and click on your profile picture, which can be found on the left side of the game homescreen. The page that you will see will show your basic information and your user ID beside your profile picture.

What is AOE in mobile legends?


Who is the best hero in ML?

List of the Best Mobile Legends Heroes Per RoleTank — Grock.Assassin — Fanny.Marksman — Lesley.Fighter — Chou.Mage — Kagura.Support — Diggie.

How do you call the Lord in ML?

You need a diagram with six star and philosopher stone. After you press both hands on the diagram lord will be summoned with his super minion.

How do you color your name in ML?

Color Codes[FF0000] : Red.[FF0099] : Purple.[CC00CC] : Orange.[0000CC] : Blue.[CCCC00] : Yellow.[00FF00] : Green.

What does burst mean in ML?

Burst = Heroes with the ability to do huge damage in a short amount of time. Reap = Heroes that have good skills to clean/kill other heroes that are in the map with low health.

What does evade mean?

to escape from by trickery or cleverness: to evade one’s pursuers. to get around by trickery: to evade rules. to avoid doing or fulfilling: to evade an obligation. to avoid answering directly: to evade a question.

What does the purple star mean in mobile legends?

The purple stars indicate Epic Heroes. They tend to be more powerful than regular Heroes, and have more HP and damage than regular Heroes of the same star grade. … You can get a free 5 Star Epic Hero when you first enter the God League !

What are some cool nicknames?

If you need a cool nickname for your boyfriend or any other guy; yourself included, check out the following names:Accidental Genius.Ace.Adorable.Alpha.Amazing.Angel Eyes.Angel Face.Angel Heart.More items…