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DIY Greenhouse – Budget Decisions

This is the year you have decided to build a greenhouse. You have done your research homework and you have a pretty good idea of what you want in your DIY greenhouse. Do you have the finances or the budget to complete it?

The greenhouse is essentially a framework covered in glass or plastic to allow appropriate lighting to help nurture young plants in a controlled environment. Reviewing your finances or your budget will help to determine if you are going to use pressure treated wood or cedar wood, foundation and other construction materials which are needed to complete the project.

Place your greenhouse where there is no possible interruption from baseballs, golf balls, falling tree limbs and other hazards. Also consider severe weather damage possibilities of tornadoes, hurricanes, strong winds, snow blizzards, hail and ice storms. Glass breaks into deadly pieces and plastic cracks or tears. All would need replacing if damaged.

The greenhouse is a functional tool providing the correct amount of lighting, moisture, humidity and warmth for propagating seeds and nurturing young or specialty plants into healthy growth. It is a year round growing and fearless environment for a safe plant haven.

There are many styles and plans for building a DIY greenhouse as you have come to realize from your research. Have you decided on a free standing structure or on a lean-to greenhouse?

There are many plans available for free standing and lean-to greenhouses. Your green house can be as large or as small as you wish. It can be elaborate or it can be simple in design according to your needs. The interior will be filled with shelving, work bench, water supply, and other utility necessities needed for the plants you are nurturing.

The lean-to DIY greenhouse will be attached to the side of the house, barn, garage, and porch wherever a wall is available. The south side is usually selected as it gets most of the sunlight.

As you well know our finances or our budget is the deciding factor. Here is a checklist of possible expenses you may consider before making a decision.

  • Building supplies – foundation, walls, frame, windows, vents, glass, plastic wraps
  • Interior furnishings – work bench, tables, shelves, sinks, hoses, hanging hooks
  • Utility – electrical appliances and electrical wiring and accessories. Heaters, air conditioner, lighting, plumbing fixtures and plumbing accessories of misters and hoses.
  • Tools – pots, garden tools, construction tools and construction notions e.g. nails, bolts, etc.
  • Pathway to and from the greenhouse – concrete, gravel, sand, grass

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