Best Sofas and Couches You Can Buy

Burrow offers the best combination of all possible features in a couch or sofa that’s not wildly expensive. It’s sturdy, comfortable, customizable, modular and ships within a week of ordering. On top of that, its upholstery fabric is remarkably stain-resistant, there’s a charging cable built into it and its quietly mid-century aesthetic is pretty easy to fold into most living situations. It does all of this and keeps the price for a full-size, fully customized sofa just over $1,000.

Best Sofa Under $500: Zinus Sunny Modern Sofa

Buying a super-cheap sofa can be risky, but not everyone can throw down a thousand bucks on a couch. Zinus’s relatively new sofas are a lot like their memory foam mattresses — exceptionally affordable and surprisingly cushy. The Sunny Modern has a low-key look, single tufted foam cushion and high rub count upholstery. Plus, there’s a 100-day trial period and it ships free.

Best Sectional Sofa: Room & Board Easton Sectional

Room & Board may seem antiquated compared with newer and shinier furniture-making companies, but those other companies have nothing on R&B-level quality. The frame of its Easton Sectional is made by hand from kiln-dried hardwood. The cushions are spring, foam, down and feathers. The Easton Sectional comes in various sizes and colors and is fully modular. On top of that, R&B makes a case for the most transparent furniture company out there — no lies about ship dates, availability or price. In other words, you get what you pay for.

Best Sleeper Sofa: Blu Dot One Night Stand

Sleeper sofas tend to be blocky, space-consuming eyesores, which runs against the space-saving nature of a sleeper sofa. Blu Dot’s playfully named option is the opposite. Instead of an enormous base with a pull-out mattress or a trundle bed situation, Blu Dot decided it’d be easier to take the pillows off and flip the seat forward, instantly creating a queen-sized mattress with legs in your living room. It will be difficult to find a more efficient sleeper couch than this one.

The 16 Best Sofas and Couches of 2019

Capsule Home Brooklyn Mid-Century Sofa

Capsule Home’s specialty is making furniture for the design-conscious and very broke young adult. All it’s offerings ooze mid-century and many, like this one, feature other tech add-ons like built-in USB ports. A pair of bolster pillows and a bench cushion round out this ultra-affordable option.

Zinus Sunny Modern Sofa

Though Zinus is better known for their ultra-cheap mattresses, the company makes ultra-cheap sofas, too. The wood-frame Sunny Modern Sofa features tufted foam cushions, a 100-day trial period, free shipping (all in one box!) and a soft hit on the wallet. In short, it’s a nice first couch, and the perfect stand-in until you arrive at greener pastures.

Ikea Vimle Sofa

Super simple, super available, super affordable, probably not super easy to assemble — yep, it’s an Ikea product. Its upholstery can be zipped off and washed in a machine. It also comes in a slew of colors, has a 10-year warranty and is probably the most plain couch on this list, but that’s not a failing of the sofa. Not all furniture need be statement pieces — this sofa lets the rest of your living room shine.

Burrow Sofa

Go to Burrow looking to pick up a small chair to sit in the corner of your living room and leave with a new king sectional (free shipping, too). A patently absurd level of customization combines with fair prices and a very nappable cushion for a recipe to a living room dripping with mid-century goodness.\

Floyd Sofa

Well-made, no-nonense furniture that ships easily and looks just a touch different to everything else out there — that’s the quickest way to describe Floyd’s value proposition. Its sofa breaks down into a pile of very packable pieces. As such, it’s probably the most shipping friendly unit on the market. Thanks to a bench frame and armrests that double as pillows, it’s very much its own thing.

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