You can’t find the time or your routine has become mundane.. You have hit a wall and began to plateau.. 

Change up your routine. Add some variety to your workouts,find things you  enjoy doing..

Also keep in mind your results are tied to your food intake..​Poor nutrition will almost ensure negative results..

Fit Life and Social Life

The biggest challenge for most people when they began or are continuing to live a healthy lifestyle is the balance between being social and being smart. 

Let’s face it,you didn’t put all that work in the gym and watch what you put into your body,just to throw it all away for happy hour and comfort foods?

Nobody is saying become a hermit and never interact socially. But you have to be smart about it and learn to practice moderation. An occasional cocktail or a cheat meal will not kill your results. However excessive indulging and binging will.  


Macro Saavy

Unless you are macronutrient savvy,be careful following these internet gurus on weight loss.. Let’s think about it for a second,how can eating the crap that put bad weight on you in the first place be good for you to lose weight? 
I don’t knock anyone’s hustle,but I can assure you eating pizza,doughnuts,pop tarts,cookies,ice cream,burgers(I love burgers),ranch,mayonnaise,etc. Isn’t going to help you lose weight,unless again you are very macronutrient savvy. But most of these items are processed and bad for u anyway.. 
Just do it the good old fashioned way,clean lean proteins,complex carbs,veggies and exercise……


We are now in the third month of the new year. If you have gotten sidetracked and lost sight of your fitness goals don’t give up.
Recharge and hit the reset button. If you struggle on your own,now is the time to seek someone who will challenge you as well as hold you accountable..
Be patient and trust the process. IMG_8334


Sacrifice= Results

Anytime you make a decision to pursue a goal there are some sacrifices that have to be made.

This philosophy applies to all aspects of life,however I’m going to equate sacrifices as they apply to health and fitness.

Whether your goal is to lose weight,develop lean muscle or just overall better health,you will need to eat according to your goals.

The biggest struggle for people is to break old habits and often alter their specific plan that is designed to help them achieve their goal.  These actions keeps a person on the “hamster wheel” constantly starting over.

Once you truly commit and make the necessary sacrifices,(eating out less,eliminating processed foods,alcohol) you will then see the desired results you seek. Once you achieve your goal,nothing wrong with an occasional indulgence here and there,just not everyday. Remember what got you to this point in the first place. It makes no sense to undo all the hard work you put in. Does it?

Change your mentality
Change your mentality

Change is Hard

If you are looking to make healthy lifestyle changes you must first take a look at yourself and decide.  Once you make the decision , prepare to “Get Comfortable,With Being Uncomfortable”!

If your goal is to lose weight,build lean muscle,or have better overall endurance you will have to feed your body with the proper foods to foster the change you are seeking.

You will also have to adopt a consistent workout regimen to accompany the better food choices you have decided to make.

Discipline to make change
Discipline to make change


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